Yes。I’ve been honored a full tuition scholarship and a stipend。If
I remain in good academic standing, the Heinz school will renew my award
of full financil support。

  (30) What’s the difference between your current major and the major
in USA?

  Dear Xu Hong,

To be more exact, …

  (11) Have you got any scholarship?

  I took my GMAT test on **.The score is **.I took my TOEFL test
on ***。And the score is ***.

  I am graduating from the Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade this
summer. As a student of English for Business, I hope to work for a
foreign company after graduation。


  I took fifteen courses, did some research on Supply Chains
Management。I jus t finished my master thesis。And I have several
academic publications。

  (31) When and where did you take the GRE test? When did you take the
TOEFL test? How much is your TOEFL score?



  (9) What did you do with your Master work?

  (32) Where will you live?



  (10) How long will you study in USA?

  Yours sincerely,

21. 填补一:提问时没听清时

  (29) Why do you receive financial aid from this University? Why can
you get scholarship? Why this university gave you the aid(funding)?

  I am so sorry to learn of the unfortunate news that you failed in
the last CET-6. I hope you won’t feel too discouraged by the result. You
know you could have done better had you not been sick during the test
day, and you know there will always be another chance to take CET-6. You
are just a sophomore now, and you still have plenty of time to prepare
for it。

In the past three years, most of my time has been spent on study and
campus activities. I study hard, my grades are class first and my
average grade of 89.72 in three years. I received a number of honors
such as national scholarship, national encouragement scholarship and
three-virtue students. In November last year, as the only student
representative to Peking University, I attended the 80th anniversary of
the Southwest United University.

  The Doctoral Program is designed to be completed in six years。I
hope I could get my PHD in five years。**Why it needs six years? As
you may know, Carnegie Mellon University is one of the best in the
United States。The Heinz School ranks first in the area of Public Policy
and Management。It has strict requirement to us students。I think that’s
why this doctoral program needs six years。

  I’ll live in the dormitory of Carnegie Mellon University. I’ve
applied for t he dormitory.

5 6

Today, the software has already become science and the technique each
realms indispensability part. The evolution of the software technique
gets behind with the hardware technique far and far, software can’t be
reused and the fertility lowly etc. problems excessively. However,
software engineering is getting more and more attention, I believe in
the near future, software engineering will make better progress. I am
very interested in programming, so I really like my profession.

  The department told me, if I remain in good academic standing, the
Heinz School will renew my award of full financial support。I am a good
student, and I don’t think I’ll encounter any problem in receiving such
financial support。And even if I haven’t financial aid in the sixth year
of my study, my person al saving at that time will be enough to cover
all of my expense。

  I am a good student.As you may see from my documents, I have a
Bachelor degree in Economics and Master degree in Management Science.I
think such academic background should match the program very well.

  Applying for the Position of Assistant for Marketing Project Manager

During my undergraduate period, I mainly focused on web application
development. I also learned about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I
eventually found that I was interested in Deep Reinforcement Learning,
so I very much hope to study this direction at YYY University.

  (12) What if you do not have financial award for the sixth year?

  Now I major in Management Science and Engineering at Tsinghua
University, an d I’ll continue to study in this area at Carnegie Mellon
University.I don’t think there are too much differences between the two

  A letter of Inquiry

18. What do you intend to do after you finish post graduate

  2、Do not sign your own name at the end of the letter. Use “ Li
Ming” instead. Do not write the address。

I think my greatest strength lies in attention to details and a sense of
responsibility. Once I initiate a project, I always try my personal best
to make a thorough preparation so as to ensure an optimal effect.

  Li Ming



我来自PPPZZZ,毕业于XXX 大学。

  2) Elaborate on the reason why such a party should be held,

15. What does friendship mean to you and what kind of people do
you make friend with?

  If there is anything I can do. Please tell me。

As you know, …

  If you do not have any prior appointment on April 1, we look forward
to the pleasure of your company。

My family has X people, (grandpa, grandma, father, mother, brother and
me). My Grandparents at home, my parents are YYY, my brother is ZZZ, And
I am about to get a bachelor’s degree and start my post graduate study.

  For now, just forget about the test and cheer up. You have more
important things to do, such as term paper and final examinations。

Generally speaking, I am usually a bit introverted, but also because of
this I will be more serious about my work and will be more careful about
what I can do to make it more perfect. I think such a character is
suitable for scientific research.

  I look forward to your reply, and to attending your esteemed

1.4166.am, What can you tell me about yourself?

  1) espress your pity, point out the reason for his failure,

7. Where are your from?

  1) Invite them to the party,

I think the biggest impact on me was to Peking University to attend the
80th anniversary of the Southwest United University last November, the
meeting came a large number of well-known alumni, the Nobel Prize Yang
Zhenning, the National Science and Technology Award winner Zheng Zhemin
recalled and described the hard conditions at that time and everyone’s
efforts made me realize that there is a better environment and we also
need to work harder to serve the country in this day.



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